Tabletop games – a lot of old school fun

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It seems that the modern way of life isn’t only hazardous when it comes to keeping children safe from the dangers of the world wide web, apps, programs, etc. We always have our head glued to some kind of screen and rarely spend time with the family. That is why I decided to introduce what I call the “tabletop night” in our house.

Tabletop games – fun for the whole family

My husband and me used to play tabletop games all the time. Carcassonne was one of my favorites. In honor of our youth we decided that we’re going to have a game night at least once a week, where we play tabletop games.

Our kids initially weren’t that interested in the idea, but with time they got on board. Now sometimes they are even excited for our tabletop nights. It depends on the game, they seem to really like Melissa & Doug Suspend.

In any case, I just wanted to share with you a great way how to get closer with your family. I doesn’t have to be tabletop night, it can be anything. On an ending note, I would just like to leave a link to one of my favorite YouTube channels, Geek & Sundry. There I found a whole serious of tabletop game sessions lead by Wil Wheaton. Enjoy.