Google Play and children safety

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Recently my son gave me his phone to show some photos he took of our dog. As he was switching between the apps I suddenly realized that I never really looked into what he installs on his phone, what kind of apps. My younger kid only uses our (my husbands and mines) tablet, so I can control what he’s doing when playing with the tablet that way. However my older son has a phone of its own. It never occurred to me that I should keep a close eye on what kind of apps he install and uses on his phone.

Google Play and children safety

Luckily smarter people than me have thought about this, and there is an option built into Google Play (we all use Android devices) that makes it easy to limit what kind of apps are installed by the user.

If you open up Google Store settings you’re going to see an option for “Parental controls”. Open it up and there you should be able to activate parental controls on your device. Upon activating this feature for the first time you’re going to be asked to setup a PIN. Without a PIN parental controls cannot be turned off.

Have a look at the image above. With the parental controls active, you’ll be able to limit what kind of apps and games can be installed from the Play Store. Google added PG ratings not just to apps and games, but also to all the media that can be acquired from the Play Store. Additionally content from the Play Store can also be blocked by parents based on ratings. So you can block apps that have poor ratings, which shady apps usually always have. Very easy and simple solution to improving security for kids when they are on their phones. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.