Hello everyone, my name is Danielle Pierce. I’m a mom to two lovely boys aged 13 and 8. They are my pride and joy. Next to being a mom, I’m also enjoying the glamorous world of real estate. Being a real estate agent is a part time gig for me, since I try not to neglect my children and be a mom that’s present in their lives. Even with all that on my plate, I still manage to help the home budget, and I get to feel like a businesswoman while at the same time being a mom, what’s not to like.

Reason why I started this website is to share with the world my adventures in trying to become a more modern mom. I am not good when it comes to the “web” (checking the news is where I peak), social media, smartphones, tablets, electrical gadgets, and anything else along these lines. My goal is to become a mom that is familiar what kind of dangers technology exposes children to. I’m talking dangerous apps, websites, toys, and any other gadget that can harm children, either physically or physiologically. I hope you enjoy your stay and that you find some useful information in my ramblings. Make sure to leave a comment so that I know that other people are actually reading me. Cheers and come again.